FUNDING FERTILITY: Has the delay in publicly funding IVF destroyed people’s chance to have children?
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Around one in four couples in Ireland experience difficulty when trying to have children and will face thousands of euro in costs if they seek fertility treatment.

Leo Varadkar announced public funding for fertility treatment in 2016 and more recently set aside €2 million in funding for IVF and fertility treatment. As part of this measure, it was agreed to make IVF part of the public health service.

These announcements have raised the hopes of Irish people struggling with infertility but they have seen no sign of implementation of these promises to date.

Ireland and Lithuania remain the only two EU countries not to offer state funding for assisted reproduction even though the World Health Organisation recognises infertility as a medical condition.

Infertility can be a side-effect of cancer treatment and procedures such as egg freezing may be recommended but can costs thousands out of people’s own pockets.


We want to investigate the impact of this wait for public fertility funding and if the delay in publicly funding IVF has destroyed people’s chance to have children.

We also want to look at the changes required and potential obstacles to overcome in order to put IVF through the public system as currently no such service exists.

Finally, we want to compare fertility costs in Ireland to other EU countries and look into the types of state funding offered. We also want to investigate the supports offered to people who need fertility-related procedures or treatments due to health complications or illness.

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