LINE OF FIRE: Why is burning in the uplands going unpunished?
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Burning in the uplands is banned between March and August yet every year illegal fires are started, causing widespread damage to nature and putting homes at risk.

Environmental groups tell us the State has taken little action to tackle the problem with virtually no prosecutions, fines or impacts on farm subsidies to date.

Our team will investigate the scale of enforcement action - or lack thereof - on a national level and the roadblocks that may be hindering authorities.


Using Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, we will request State data on burning locations, to pinpoint areas with high cases and ask authorities what they have done about it.

We will also talk to local communities affected by burning on their doorsteps and interview nature experts about the impact on protected areas and species.

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Please contact us in confidence at if you have experience of witnessing such events and you would like to share your experience. You can find out how we work here. Our investigations are sourced from and crowdfunded by the public.

53 Backers raised €1670 of €3970
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