BREATHING UNEASY: How exposed are children to pollution on the school run?
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Cars idling at school gates, heavy emissions from traffic at peak times: children in urban areas are facing toxic fumes as they make their way to school.

We know air pollution is estimated to cause up to 1,400 premature deaths in Ireland every year - to what extent are children in particular at risk?

Our data-driven investigation will uncover the worst blackspots in Dublin where children are experiencing poor air quality.


Children are particularly vulnerable to the health risks associated with air pollution from traffic. These risks include airway inflammation and respiratory infection, in particular from the pollutant nitrogen dioxide.

The Environmental Protection Agency has gone as far as to recommend lifting young children up “above the level of vehicle exhausts” and to not walk on busy streets during rush hour.

Our investigation will identify and map where exactly across the capital schoolchildren are worst impacted by this threat, especially as they navigate the city during peak morning traffic.

Given the documented cases of deaths as a result of the effects of air pollution, and international examples of the impact on children - in 2020, a coroner in London ruled that air pollution was the cause of death of a nine year old living on a highly polluted road - we will scrutinise what authorities are doing here to mediate this risk.

This will require examining commitments such as the Dublin Region 2021 Air Quality Plan and analysis of which promises have been kept or broken by local authorities.

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26 Backers raised €756 of €1440
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