PIPE DREAM: Is rural development being delayed by poor water infrastructure?
17 Backers raised €690 of €2200

Government policy to encourage development of rural towns and villages is being hit by underinvestment in water supply and wastewater infrastructure that is now limiting housing and business growth.

In 2021, the EPA found that substantial investment is needed to bring deficient wastewater treatment systems in many rural areas up to standard, with many housing projects held up as a result.

This investigation will expose the key blockages in upgrading water and wastewater infrastructure across Ireland.


Using social media analysis, Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and press queries, we will identify the key towns and villages whose housing supply has been impacted by delays.

We will also examine alternative methods to clean wastewater such as wetland ecosystems and if local and national authorities are examining them as potential solutions in planning applications.

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17 Backers raised €690 of €2200
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