DROWNING IN DEBT: Why do vulture funds still have a grip on Ireland?
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In the aftermath of the financial crisis, Ireland grappled with the consequences of loans being sold off to vulture funds.

While the issues with mainstream finance institutions like AIB have been widely reported, the story behind these non-bank entities remains shrouded in mystery.

Our investigation will expose the true state of play regarding the loans that were sold off, and the harrowing impact on borrowers who continue to suffer under the entities that bought them.


Despite promises of revitalising the economy, questions linger about whether the State has truly benefited from offloading non-performing loans.

With four out of five mortgages in arrears now held by vulture funds, it is clear that a significant portion of the population still face the consequences of decisions made during the financial crisis.

Through in-depth data research and interviews, we will not only reveal the financial intricacies of vulture funds but the stories behind the statistics.

We will speak to those still bearing the brunt of vulture fund ownership - the increased financial burdens, uncertainty, and the possibility of losing their homes.

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5 Backers raised €95 of €3080
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