STOLEN WHEELS: How can we stop rampant bike theft in this country?
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Over 14 bikes are stolen every day in Ireland with the pandemic leading to not just a surge in cycling but also bike theft.

Figures from September 2020 showed that thefts increased by 9% nationally over the previous 12 months, with 3,800 bikes reported stolen and 1,800 recovered from January to September that year. Figures from previous years show that just 11% were retrieved.

Around 70% of bike thefts have historically occurred in Dublin. In June 2020, 434 bikes were stolen in the capital - an almost 50% increase compared to the same month in 2019.

However, thefts have also increased in other parts of the country, with Cork reporting a 24% increase from January to August 2020. The true theft figure could be around three times higher as many owners do not report them to the Gardaí, according to the Dublin Cycling Campaign.

To prevent theft, people are advised to securely lock bicycles to an immovable object, yet bike parking was the top cycle infrastructure-related complaint found in an analysis of complaints from city councils by Noteworthy. A recent report on Dublin also found only 36% of residents thought the security of public cycle parking was good.


We want to investigate what happens when a bike is reported stolen and how it is investigated by talking to Gardaí, bike owners and advocate groups. With links to European gangs reported, we also want to examine where stolen bicycles may be ending up.

With over 5,000 bikes stolen every year, we want to find out what resources are in place for the Gardaí when it comes to looking into these crimes.

Finally, bike parking is an important factor in preventing bicycle thefts so we will investigate facilities available as well as locations that are lacking this infrastructure around Ireland.

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57 Backers raised €1640 of €1640
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