PAY IN PERSPECTIVE: Are wages at State bodies in line with public sector standards?
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Though most State-owned companies reported reduced profits in recent years as the country emerged from the pandemic, some - such as ESB Networks - have nevertheless remained highly profitable.

Last time the country faced a financial crisis a report - released in the depth of the Great Recession - showed that state company executive pay was high and had even increased in the years after the 2008 crash, despite sweeping public sector cuts.

On the back of this report, the Government introduced a pay cap of €250,000 for future CEOs of commercial State companies, although some - including the ESB and Irish Aviation Authority - were granted exceptions.

Ireland is again in crisis: still suffering the effects of the pandemic, and now cost of living and energy crises.

So what does executive and average pay look like today compared to national wages and in the context of ongoing economic difficulties?


We want to find out how much executives are making at State-owned companies, and how this compares to the average pay at those companies.

We will investigate which public company sector salaries exceed the current pay cap.

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1 Backer raised €10 of €1340
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