LOSING FAITH: Why is it taking so long to provide non-denominational school options to parents around the country?
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With one in ten Irish people declaring they have no religion in the latest census, the provision of suitable education options is becoming ever more pressing.

To reflect the changing face of Ireland, the Department of Education has begun a divestment process to provide multi-denominational options for families.

Progress has however, been painfully slow.

In some areas, misinformation has been spread about what happens when schools divest suggesting Christmas, Easter, and St Patrick’s Day events would all effectively be ended.

Elsewhere, parents complain of a postcode lottery where catchment areas of new multi-denominational schools are set narrowly and their children must travel to distant neighbourhoods for their education.


We want to take a deeper look at the divestment process to try and discover why it is taking so long to deliver.

We want to explore some of the myths surrounding divestment and see what lobbying activity has been going on.

We would also like to look at other countries to see how they’ve managed to offer every family the education choices they want and need.

Have you a personal experience of problems caused by the slow delivery of school divestment; contact us at

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10 Backers raised €1450 of €1450
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