BALANCING THE BOOKS: Are publishers profiting from new school book editions?
11 Backers raised €185 of €1730

While new Government plans mean free school books for primary pupils, parents of secondary school children will continue to pay the costly expense.

Regular reprinting of new editions and workbooks leaves it impossible for parents to resell or pass them to siblings or other students - increasing the Back to School financial burden.

With the rising cost of living, we want to investigate how frequently new textbooks are released, if this has increased in recent years and if publishers are profiting unfairly at the expense of parents and schools.


We will expose how often parents are forced to pay out for new educational editions and examine the provision of one-time use workbooks by schools.

Our team will speak to parents and teachers about the financial impact and find out why more than 30% of the country’s schools do not have book rental schemes in place.

We will also look at the more cost effective ways of updating school books without passing the price on to parents and ask what the Department of Education is doing to help families.

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11 Backers raised €185 of €1730
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