DIAGNOSIS DELAYED: Why are waiting lists for life-saving scans so long?
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Over 260,000 people are waiting on potentially life-saving health scans in Ireland’s hospitals.

Of those, a staggering 39,000 patients have been waiting 18 months or more for MRI, CT and ultrasound scans, according to the Department of Health in September 2023.

These delays in diagnosis can mean life or death, and as waiting lists continue to grow, we want to investigate why.


We will speak to those impacted by health scan delays to uncover the damage caused by such long waits.

As part of this investigation, we will request data and reports from the HSE and expose which hospital departments are most impacted by growing waiting times.

In July 2023, the HSE Health Regions Implementation Plan set out new arrangements to improve timely, integrated care to patients.

Our team will speak to experts to examine if the measures are enough to tackle the ongoing crisis which has seen waiting times soar since the landmark Sláintecare report.

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6 Backers raised €240 of €2780
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