LIFE AND DEATH: Are lives at risk from ambulance delays?
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The ambulance service in rural areas has ongoing issues with long response times and delays that may be putting people's lives at risk.

It is consistently taking ambulances over an hour to respond to life-threatening events, with Southern counties the most heavily impacted in recent years.

Our team will investigate why people living in Wexford, Waterford, Cork and Kerry are facing such long response times and how the issue can be resolved.


We will speak to those impacted by ambulance delays and find out what needs to happen to ensure people’s lives are not put at risk in rural areas.

As part of this investigation, we will request data and reports from the National Ambulance Service on response times to pin down the most affected areas.

The National Ambulance Service strategic plan went up to 2020, with a new HSE plan in the works. We will talk to experts to find out if this is enough to solve the ongoing issues.

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3 Backers raised €35 of €2780
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