OVER THE THRESHOLD: Why are Irish rents still so unaffordable?
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When rent is more than 35% of your income, you pass the official threshold of ‘affordable’ housing. This is happening to more and more Irish people.

Our analysis shows that Irish rents have grown out of control over the last decade, and are up 68% compared to the 16% average seen across the EU.

This investigation will uncover the scale of the rental cost crunch across Ireland and reveal where authorities have failed to act to address the pressure.


We plan to dig through State data on rental costs and incomes in Ireland to identify counties and cities with the highest rental burdens in Ireland.

We will also carry out open source analysis to identify people struggling to make ends meet and shine a light on the impact of high rents on their wellbeing.

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You can contact us at and find out how we work here. Our investigations are sourced from and crowdfunded by the public.

5 Backers raised €115 of €1840
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