RACISM AT WORK: Is ethnic discrimination placing barriers before people in the workplace?
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Ireland’s population has diversified over the past decade, with 82% of the population identifying as white Irish in the 2016 Census, compared to 94% in 2011.

This diversity is not necessarily reflected equally in employment statistics. While 15% of the workforce in Ireland identifies as being of migrant descent, the upper tiers of management in the public and private sectors remain predominantly white Irish.

In 2018, the ESRI reported that black non-Irish people are five times more likely than white Irish people to experience discrimination when seeking employment. When it comes to racist incidents in the workplace, Ireland ranked as one of the worst Europe-wide with a rate of 33%, compared to an EU average of 22%.

Discrimination also plays a significant role in the employment gap between the Traveller and Roma communities and the general population, with the ESRI finding in 2017 that discrimination and prejudice are likely a significant factor in labour market barriers for the minority groups.

How deep do the tentacles of racism go in Irish workplaces and company recruitment processes? And are the State’s mechanisms and institutions combating, ignoring, or contributing to such practices?


We want to spotlight the experiences of people who have suffered incidents of racism in the labour force, in job applications or interviews, or on the job. Please be assured of our confidentiality when you contact us at [email protected]

Our investigation will look at what the State has achieved or failed to do in tackling racial hate and discrimination and track what has happened to legislation in the area.

When this proposal is funded, we will be commissioning journalistic work and research from a person of colour or ethnic minority in Ireland to discover how employers here are conducting their recruitment processes.

If you want to make a contribution to help this investigation happen, click the 'Fund This Proposal' button. Noteworthy investigations are sourced from and crowdfunded by the public.

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22 Backers raised €477 of €2290
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