PRIVATE POWER: Are private companies influencing public health policies?
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The private health sector is being relied on to pick up the slack of growing public waiting lists and hospital backlogs.

But what influence does the industry have on the State when it comes to our healthcare policies?

While lobbying has long been a common political practice, little is known about its impact on healthcare decisions, access and quality.

This investigation will expose the opaque relationships and potential conflicts of interest between private healthcare companies and the government.


Our team will uncover the extent of lobbying efforts by private healthcare companies in Ireland including funding and resources devoted to influencing government decisions.

Through in-depth research, data analysis and FOI’s, we will investigate the influence of the sector on specific policies and decisions made by the State.

We will also speak to those in both the public and private health bodies, and reveal the conflicts of interest that could compromise the integrity of healthcare decision-making.

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5 Backers raised €90 of €3630
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