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WITH GREAT POWER: Why is a Wexford power plant causing concern?
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An independent report alleges there was a ‘major issue’ with water quality monitoring near the Great Island Power Station operated by SSE.

Green Party MEP Grace O’Sullivan commissioned the report after contacting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last year out of concern over water quality issues in the region, alleging that monitoring of the impact from certain bleaching chemicals by SSE risked being “neither accurate, nor representative of the water quality throughout the year” in the estuary.

Noteworthy was informed of this report in June 2022 and spent a number of weeks examining concerns over data submitted by the Wexford power plant to the EPA as well as examining earlier complaints in relation to the plant.

Our editorial team deemed this project was not suitable for crowdfunding - as is the case for certain investigations. Therefore, it was funded in its entirety by the Noteworthy investigative fund (referenced as a single backer at the top of this proposal).


This investigation involved examination of a large number of documents, reports as well as objections in relation to the Great Island Power Station. Our local reporter for this project - based in the South East - also spoke to locals and visited a number of areas around the estuary.

You can read the results of this investigation here>>

We teamed up with The Munster Express for the publication of this investigation which also features in the 16 August 2022 edition of the local paper.

Noteworthy investigations are sourced from and crowdfunded by the public. If you want to help fund this work, consider making a once-off or monthly contribution to our general fund.

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1 Backer raised €500 of €500
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