PARENT RIGHTS: Why are same-sex couples and other parents still in legal limbo with their own children?
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Half a decade after Ireland’s historic marriage equality vote, many same-sex couples and so-called ‘non-traditional families’ still face discrimination when it comes to their rights as parents.

New legislation to overhaul the country’s antiquated laws surrounding issues like sperm or egg donation and surrogacy were approved for drafting in 2015, but since then there has been little tangible progress.

In the meantime, many couples with donor-conceived children or those relying on surrogates to give birth have been left in limbo as, under existing provisions, they often have no legal status as their child’s parents.


We want to look at the progress of legislation dealing with donor-assisted reproduction and surrogacy as well as the issues surrounding the laws.

We will also dig into who has been trying to exert influence over the process, and whether this has had an impact on the introduction of new regulations.

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24 Backers raised €751 of €750
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