DIGGING DEEP: Is Ireland being carved up for mineral exploration?
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Around 20% of the island of Ireland is licensed for mineral exploration, raising alarm with local communities about the impact of new mining operations.

Risks to groundwater, loss of biodiversity-rich landscapes and emissions from machinery from increases in mining activities are also causing concern with climate and nature activists.

Our team will reveal the areas of the country with the most land impacted by potential licences.


Ireland has significant deposits of zinc, lithium and other minerals vital for renewable power infrastructure, battery storage and electric vehicles as we shift to a low-carbon future.

We will map out parts of the country carved up for exploration and speak to locals about concerns over the future prospects of mining.

In 2022, the Government set out its support for sustainable exploration to fuel the green transition. This followed input from an advisory group on exploration and mining.

We will delve into the decision-making that led to this position and what role the advisory group played.

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12 Backers raised €285 of €3190
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