LIGHTS OUT: Why are we facing an Irish electricity crisis?
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As we face the climate crisis, a key strand of the State’s strategy to reduce our emissions is to electrify our energy, heat and transport systems using renewables such as wind and solar.

This investigation was part-funded (€1,340) by 35 Noteworthy backers. The remainder (€1,785) was funded by 267 Uplift supporters to enable an in-depth examination of data centres as part of this project.

While the State is promoting the rollout of electric cars and heat pumps in our homes, we are facing a serious power supply gap with warnings of potential power shortages recently surging.

These power shortages can have serious economic costs, such as making Ireland less attractive to multinational firms, while households are already being hit with higher electricity prices as a result of issues with the grid.

While blame has recently landed firmly at the feet of data centres for stresses on the grid, the State has long been supportive of these facilities despite their well-established energy demands.


We want to examine if the State has planned for how it is going to meet the expected growing demand for power as we electrify our energy, heat and transport systems.

We will use Freedom of Information to examine the extent of the future power supply gap and how State agencies are handling the problem behind the scenes.

We will speak to energy and consumer protection experts about the State’s plans to tackle the problem and who is going to be on the hook for the cost of this transformation.

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302 Backers raised €3125 of €2830
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