DEAD END: Will Galway’s long promised ring road make a significant difference to traffic congestion in the city?
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It was 1999 when a bypass was first proposed for the city of Galway. Since then, traffic congestion has grown ever worse and long delays have become a feature of daily life for those who live and work there. For a relatively compact city, congestion is far worse than might be expected, not least because public transport options are so limited.

In the two decades since the ring road was first proposed, attitudes to road development have also changed dramatically. The completion of Dublin’s M50, widening it to three lanes, even the removal of the despised toll bridge all promised improved traffic flows … but the long delays always returned.

With an estimated cost of €600 million for the Galway bypass - a figure that will likely only rise - we want to look at whether this investment would be a wise decision.


We want to take a deeper look at this scheme, what is planned and what is promised.

We will examine the alternatives Galway could have looked at in terms of improved public transport, cycle facilities, or even the provision of a light rail system.

We want to look at other similar schemes in comparable cities, see what was envisaged and what was actually delivered.

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39 Backers raised €1200 of €1200
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