ECONOMY CLASS: Why do so many schools need a handout from parents?
8 Backers raised €85 of €2770

Schools are saddled with debt and rely on parents to pay for essentials such as heating, lighting, insurance and equipment.

Research shows that 70% of schools still need ‘voluntary contributions’ to remain viable, with an average of €130 shelled out by parents for a child in secondary school.

Our team will investigate school debt around the country and examine the impact on parents faced with higher and higher fees to help keep the lights on.


We will speak to school principals and parents’ groups across Ireland to find out the stress that these financial issues are putting on educators and families up and down the country.

Grants to cover general costs for schools were badly cut during austerity and have failed to come back to previous levels. We will use Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to see if the State is doing anything to address the funding shortfall.

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8 Backers raised €85 of €2770
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