EYES ON THE ROAD: What data is being collected on drivers and vehicles?
4 Backers raised €70 of €2330

The use of CCTV and number plate recognition technology by public authorities has ramped up in the last decade, causing concern over the privacy of road users.

Open source analysis shows that local and national authorities have been penalised for installing monitoring equipment with no legal basis or Garda authorisation.

Our team will reveal the scale to which monitoring data is being collected on drivers and vehicles by State authorities across Ireland.


Recordings should not be kept for longer than necessary for their original purpose. Using Freedom of Information (FOI) and press queries, we will find out why this data is being collected and how long it is being kept.

Our reporters will also speak to legal and privacy experts about the legal basis of the Irish system.

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4 Backers raised €70 of €2330
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