RESIDENTS AT RISK: Are profits being prioritised over people at disability residential centres?
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In 2022, the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) revealed a “notable deterioration” in the management and governance of residential centres for disabled people.

According to the watchdog, one in five of the country’s 1,400 registered centres needed to improve its quality of care. HIQA also said the entire sector required regulatory reform.

We want to investigate how the system is impacting both residents and staff, and find out the problems faced by those housed in residential care.


We will speak to residents, their families and those working in residential facilities to understand their experiences of life there and any concerns raised.

Through interviews, analysis of HIQA inspection reports and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, we will gather information on the sector to see where it is working and where it isn’t - and whether particular residential centres are examples of best or worst practice.

We will also reveal what more needs to be done since HIQA’s intervention to improve the quality of care for those living in the supported accommodation.

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5 Backers raised €165 of €3280
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