BICYCLE BLACKSPOTS: Which roads and junctions are the most dangerous for cyclists in Ireland?
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The number of people cycling in Ireland has risen dramatically in recent years.

There has been a near doubling of the number of bikes coming into Dublin city centre over the past eight years, with other urban areas also reportedly experiencing increases to a degree. The number of younger cyclists on the road has also increased, helped by initiatives such as the Galway Cycle Bus.

There has also been an increase in the number of collisions. Meanwhile, government investment in cycling infrastructure has been piecemeal at best.

Where cycling lanes are available, they are rarely segregated and often used by cars, taxis, and lorries for parking and deliveries.

In the first part of a planned series on cycling safety in Ireland, we want to take a look at accident blackspots around the country.


We want to find out where the most dangerous roads and junctions for cyclists are located across Ireland.

We want to analyse the last ten years of official data to see collision and fatality rates on the country’s roads.

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34 Backers raised €725 of €700
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