CUT DOWN TO SIZE: Why are Ireland's local authorities so keen to chop down trees?
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Across Ireland, locals have been dismayed to see trees and bushes chopped down by public bodies.

In Co Tipperary, mature trees have been cut down in several towns with public protests even taking place in Fethard over their removal.

In other counties, local authorities have also been busy with their chainsaws, removing trees that have in some cases graced streets for decades.

Concerns have been raised that the tree felling is happening because of fears over compensation claims from trips and falls.


We want to look nationwide at every local authority and see what destruction has taken place around the country.

We will try to find out what is behind it - whether it is public safety or whether county councils are responding to pressure from the insurance industry.

Tell us about any such activity in your area by contacting us at [email protected]

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47 Backers raised €1100 of €1100
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