COMPO CLAIMS: Does Ireland really have a ‘compensation culture’?
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The government minister responsible for the insurance industry has said there are 'clusters' for compensation claims in Ireland.

The evidence for this is only 'anecdotal' according to Minister Michael D’Arcy, but is it possible to find out whether these clusters are real or imagined?

We want to investigate if claims are more likely in some parts of the country compared to others? And if so, what are the reasons behind it?

The Irish insurance industry often says that the high premiums we pay for our insurance stem directly from large court awards and the number of fraudulent claims they are forced to deal with.

So is Ireland an unusually litigious place and is there genuine evidence of a 'compensation culture'?

How do we compare with other EU countries and have some of our neighbours got answers on how we might curb compensation claims, and in turn help drive down the cost of insurance?


We want to look at compensation claims throughout the country, how much is paid out by the Personal Injuries Assessment Board and by each local authority.

We will use that data to see if clusters of compensation claims can be found in specific areas of Ireland.

We will look as well at how two EU countries manage compensation claims and what lessons can be learned in keeping costs and fraudulent claims to a minimum.

Can you help us with this story? Do you have evidence of compensation ‘clusters’ through your work or personal experience? Contact us at [email protected]

8 Backers raised €1260 of €1250
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