BACKYARD BURN: Are authorities failing to crack down on private waste burning?
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It is illegal to burn waste in your garden as it releases harmful chemicals into the air we breathe, contaminates surrounding vegetation and can cause uncontrolled fires.

Recent global events have caused a spike in burning in Ireland, however.

There was a sharp rise in backyard burning during the pandemic, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who received a four-fold increase in complaints during lockdown.

There are also concerns emerging that people are dropping bin collection services in favour of backyard burning as the cost of living crisis continues.


We want to dig into rules and regulations on backyard burning and examine if authorities are responding to clamp down on the practice.

We also want to speak to environmental and medical experts about the climate and health impacts from backyard burning, particularly in built up areas such as housing estates up and down the country.

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6 Backers raised €145 of €1930
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