OFF AIR: How deep does abuse run in the Irish entertainment industry?
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Sexual assault allegations made against Russell Brand are the latest in a long string of cases concerning high-profile UK celebrities. But do we have issues closer to home?

Concerns have been raised in Irish theatre and comedy circles about sexual harassment, while a 2021 report found a culture of harmful behaviour across the arts world and a scarcity of support to tackle it.

We will investigate potential abuse within the Irish entertainment industry and whether the system is still set up to protect the rich or powerful.


Talking to insider sources, we will examine where industry bodies, media companies and authorities failed to act when serious allegations were raised.

We will also speak to industry insiders and experts about gaps in protection for victims that enables problematic behaviour to go on long-term.

Following the rise of the Me Too movement, the Government and Irish Film Board laid out measures to create a safe working environment for women. We will use Freedom of Information requests to find out if there are concerns behind the scenes that these measures do not go far enough to root out systemic abuse.

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21 Backers raised €910 of €7320
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