HIRE POWER: Has the required recruitment process been ignored within a high-profile State agency?
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State agencies employ over 12,000 people in Ireland. These employees are not part of the civil service but there is a well-defined recruitment process which candidates must satisfy to secure a job with a State body.

These regulations and hiring policies are vital for State agencies to ensure public money is being used in an efficient and transparent manner and that the best possible candidate is in place to carry out the job required.

Are all State agencies playing by the mandatory recruitment rules? Is it possible that some employees have been boosted into their roles by means other than undergoing the required application and hiring procedures?


Noteworthy wants to source and interview a number of people with information about how State agencies have acquired mid- to high-level appointees.

We will be looking to FOI correspondence between executives in certain State bodies around the issue of hiring and potential candidates and uncover any network of connections which may exist between decision-makers in these State bodies and some of their employees.

As well as supporting this probe with financial contributions, we would ask that if you have any information you wish to share with us on the issue, that you contact us at [email protected]

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