PRIVATE SUBSIDIES: Why is the taxpayer helping to fund the private school system?
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The list of advantages from private schooling is extensive: smaller class sizes, better facilities, and access to a social network that can bring lifelong benefits.

Private schooling is a feature of most countries but in many places, the state has little involvement in funding them and families pay far higher fees.

In Ireland however, the taxpayer steps in, footing the bill for teacher salaries and for some capital expenditure.

This in turn allows private schools, in some cases, to keep fees relatively low, class sizes smaller, and to invest in better facilities and equipment.

Supporters of the system says the costs are balanced out by keeping some students out of public education, and that some private schools - without state support - would likely become public.


We want to take a deeper look at Ireland’s private school system and how it compares to other similar EU states.

We want to find out the level of state support available to these schools, not just through teaching salaries but also capital expenditure, grant funding, and charitable tax breaks.

And we want to investigate what savings, if any, the state would make if it ceased support for private schools.

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