KEYS TO THE HOUSE: Are we electing more landlords to the Dáil and Seanad?
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A common complaint targeted at the government as it tries to tackle the housing crisis is that our elected officials don’t understand the problems of ordinary renters and aspiring homebuyers - and at worst, may be biased due to their own investments.

Many TDs and Senators on both government and opposition benches own properties that they rent out, leading to criticism that their policies may favour fellow landlords rather than the population at large.

But has this situation changed in recent years - are Oireachtas members more likely to be landlords today? And how does the level of property ownership vary from party to party, and from one representative to another?


We’ll analyse annual declarations both for the current Dáil and Seanad and in previous years to identify any shifts in trends when it comes to representatives’ property ownership.

We’ll also investigate which TDs, Senators, and parties have the largest property holdings, and explore the topic of whether this is likely to have an effect on the way your elected officials go about their jobs.

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