POSTCODE LOTTERY: Does where you live in Ireland determine what kind of healthcare you receive?
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Access to healthcare in Ireland can vary depending on where in the country you live. Local HSE and hospital budgets often determine whether people have access to medical treatment, equipment and other specialist services.

Two areas in which it was recently suggested a ‘postcode lottery’ is at play were the provision of mental health treatment and carer hours where people in one area have been allocated more services than those in a neighbouring town.

Access to medication can also be impacted. Biologic treatment for severe asthma is one example of this with local hospital pharmacy budgets determining whether someone is given the treatment.


We want to determine if where you live in Ireland impacts your access to vital healthcare and how prevalent this problem is across the country.

We want to investigate who are the winners and losers of these postcode lotteries.

We want to find out how the impacted budgets are allocated and why some areas are given access to medication and services but others are not.

If you have been affected by this issue or have any information that would help with our investigation, please email [email protected]

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