RIVER RUNDOWN: Why are almost half of Ireland’s rivers in poor condition?
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Ireland’s fisheries watchdog is allocated over €30 million of public funds a year to safeguard our waterways.

However, serious issues such as large scale fish deaths and a dramatic reduction in key fish populations including trout and wild salmon, has blighted the work of Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI).

We want to investigate why these huge marine biodiversity disasters are happening in Ireland and what the State is really doing to stop them.


A recent Environmental Protection Agency report shows that nearly half of all of Ireland’s lakes and rivers don’t meet standards for biological quality.

And several of Ireland’s leading environmental organisations say that nitrate pollution in Irish waters is of “very serious concern”.

Irish water has over 10,000 structures that represent a barrier to fish passage and Inland Fisheries say they plan to act on these in the coming years. This, while hundreds of barriers have already been removed elsewhere in Europe.

Through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, interviews with experts and in-depth research our team will examine the funding of IFI and its action (or inaction) on improving our rivers, lakes and streams.

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9 Backers raised €225 of €3625
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