TESTING THE WATERS: Where in Ireland has the most polluted tap water?
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Decades of under-investment, crumbling infrastructure, and leaking pipes have left Ireland’s water supply on a knife edge.

In May 2020, the European Commission threatened to take legal proceedings against Ireland for a failure to tackle drinking water issues dating back over a decade, leaving around 300,000 people in Ireland with potentially hazardous substances in their drinking water.

A water treatment fault in the Dublin region in 2019 that left 600,000 people with a boil notice drew attention to just how fragile the country’s water network is.

In some areas however, boil water notices are much less of a rarity and last much longer than a few days. One such Irish Water notice in Co Louth was in place for more than two months in 2019 while on group schemes, boil water notices have in some cases lasted years.


We want to explore the supply system in Ireland to identify the areas of the country with the worst tap water.

We want to speak to people in areas with long term boil notices about the impacts on their life and health.

Have you any information that you think would help this investigation, contact us at [email protected]

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