CHRISTMAS OFFER: Give the gift of investigative journalism this Christmas
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Have you enjoyed our award-winning reporting this year? This is your chance to share the gift of investigative journalism this Christmas - and receive a set of limited edition Noteworthy postcards.

We explore the stories that matter to you!

Investigative journalism is time-consuming and expensive, and some stories can only be told properly with investment of time and money. Our investigations are crowdfunded so we rely on the support of generous readers like you.

Your contribution to Noteworthy will help our team hold the powerful to account and give a voice to those who are often forgotten.


To purchase a gift, simply click 'Fund This Proposal' above and add your desired contribution.

FREE POSTCARDS: Order by 15 December and we will send a set of limited edition Noteworthy postcards to you (to give as a gift) or if it is handier for you, we can send them directly to a recipient of your choice.

Once you contribute, you will receive an email from us asking for details so we can let your friend know you have made a contribution on their behalf and get the Noteworthy postcards to their destination.

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Your gift contribution helps us with our ongoing work by enabling us to:

  • Dive deeper into investigations and follow leads outside the scope of the initial plan and budget
  • Spend more time hearing what you want us to investigate
  • Add multimedia to ongoing investigations such as videos and graphs
  • Provide additional editorial and legal support to our work


Our team has been busy over the past few months, thanks to your support. Our latest investigations revealed:

  • ACADEMIC UNCERTAINTY: Instability of employment is rife in the third-level sector
  • SPRUCED UP: Ireland's tree-planting policies are bad news for biodiversity
  • SELLING OUR GENES: Government inaction is allowing private sector to take control of our DNA
  • SPEAK OR SURVIVE: Sexual violence victims are still fighting roadblocks to justice

If you want to know how your contribution is used, or anything else about how Noteworthy works, you can find out more here.

If you have any questions, give us a shout at [email protected]

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