SHIRT OFF YOUR BACK: What are bogus ‘charity’ clothes collectors doing with your cast-offs?
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'No Junkmail' signs posted on household letterboxes aren’t stemming the flow of stickers and bags from charity clothes collectors. Every day, these appear on doormats across Ireland asking for donations of clothes we no longer want.

While many are from legitimate charities such as Barnardos and Oxfam, the Charities Regulator has warned that some are run by bogus operators. Genuine charities say it is costing them millions in lost revenues.

Many householders are wise to these fraudsters but some people can be caught out by convincing leaflets.


We want to investigate the impact that scams are having on genuine charities and whether sufficient action is being taken to tackle fraudsters.

We want to find out who is running fake charity collections. If the clothes are not going to charity shops or to people in need, what exactly is happening to them?

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1 Backer raised €30 of €2200
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