SOMETHING IN THE AIR: Is air pollution getting worse around Ireland and what’s behind it?
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In the 1980s, Dublin choked beneath a cloud of smog with pollution seven times higher than the levels considered dangerous by the World Health Organisation.

As smoky fuel began to be phased out, the black pall lifted and the city’s air returned to some semblance of normality.

Fast forward twenty years however, and Dublin’s air pollution problems are returning.

A damning report from the Environmental Protection Agency earlier this summer found dangerously high levels of nitrogen dioxide along busy roadways.

Separately, researchers in NUI Galway have said the popularity of solid fuels like wood chippings and peat products were causing “extreme air pollution” in the city.

It is not just Dublin that is affected however, with air pollution problems in towns like Enniscorthy, Co Wexford.


We want to take a deeper look at air pollution around Ireland and how it impacts on the health of our most vulnerable citizens.

We will use FOI and environmental information access requests to get a picture of the scale of the problem.

And we will ask what is causing this spike in air pollution and what we could be doing to tackle it.

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