The Explainer x Noteworthy: Are religious property proceeds going to redress?

Noteworthy’s Maria Delaney tells Susan Daly about how over €90 million worth of properties were sold.

By Laura Byrne Assistant News Editor

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“IT’S COLD HARD business.”

That is what mother and baby institution survivor Terri Harrison calls the “independent subsidiaries of massive international companies that people call religion”.

Over the past few months at our investigative platform Noteworthy, we have examined the companies associated with religious congregations and found that those involved in historic abuse have sold over 75 properties worth a total of over €90 million since 2016.

Though most religious congregations have paid redress offered for institutional child abuse, there is still a shortfall of around €105m, with over 90% of this from the Sisters of Mercy who are in the middle of transferring two further properties.

In addition, four congregations – including the Sisters of Mercy – ran Magdalene laundries but “declined to make a financial contribution” towards redress. The nuns – alongside five other congregations – are also currently in negotiations in relation to the Mother and Baby Institutions Payment Scheme.

In HOLY LAND, Noteworthy editor Maria Delaney and business reporter Ian Curran reveal details of millions worth of property sales, show who sold what and attempt to find out where the money went. 

This week, as a bonus episode of The Explainer brought to you by Noteworthy, Susan Daly chats with Delaney about the investigation’s findings.


This episode was put together by Susan Daly, Maria Delaney and producer Laura Byrne.

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